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What factors into the Sod Calculator?

Square footage
First, use the sod area calculator to determine the square footage of your yard. This is important because the number of pallets is determined by the square footage.
Delivery & Installation
Whether you want it delivered or delivered and installed makes a big impact on the price of sodding your yard. Distance from the farm also plays a role in the cost.
Type of sod
Your choice depends on the local climate, your yard's sun exposure, and how you plan to use your lawn. Pricing can vary greatly from one sod to another.
Other factors
Additional aspects can influence your sod installation cost, such as the current state of your yard, any necessary yard preparation work, and the time of year.

How do I calculate how much sod I need?

Using our sod calculator is easy and intuitive. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Enter your address: The first step is to get accurate measurements of your yard. You'll create simple shapes on the map, which will then be used to calculate the square footage.
  2. Decide on a grass type: Next, you'll choose the type of grass you want to use. We'll show the types of sod that are relevant to your location.
  3. Determine what extras are necessary: You'll then be asked to select if you want delivery, installation, sod removal, top soil, or any other extras.
  4. Get Your Estimate: The calculator will then use these variables to give you an estimate of the amount of sod you'll need expressed in pallets.

How to calculate your yard's square footage

Typically you need to know the square footage of your yard which is determined by the size of the area you're planning to cover with sod. Essentially, this is calculated by multiplying the length and width of your lawn area in feet.

However, it isn't always that simple. Many yards have irregular shapes and sizes, and this is where our Sod Calculator becomes a game-changer. We've designed it to help you with these calculations and take away all the guesswork. We allow you to use satellite imagery to draw the shape of your yard, and we'll calculate the square footage for you.

To use the tool, simply enter the your address then draw the shape of the area you want to cover with sod. If your lawn consists of multiple areas or has a complex shape, you can input them separately. Once you've provided all the necessary details, our calculator does the math for you, and voila! You'll receive an accurate estimate of the sod you'll need for your landscaping project.

Additional price considerations

While our sod calculator provides a good starting point, it's important to remember that a successful sod installation project can vary based on these factors:

Preparation: A smooth and well-prepared surface is key for your sod to take root successfully. This might mean adding new soil over your old surface.

Grading: Grading involves shaping the land to direct surface water away from your home. It's crucial to have your yard properly graded before installing sod. Poor grading can lead to water pooling, potentially damaging your new sod.

Debris Removal: If you're replacing existing grass or dealing with a significant amount of debris in your yard, this could add to your overall cost.

Understanding Sod Pricing and Delivery

The cost of sod can vary significantly, depending on the type of grass you choose and the size of your yard. Prices can range from $0.30 to $0.80 per square foot, but the final cost can increase when considering delivery and installation.

Delivery of your sod from the sod farm is another important factor to consider. Depending on the distance and the quantity of sod, delivery costs can add a significant amount to your project budget. Some sod suppliers offer free delivery for large orders, so be sure to ask about delivery options.

Final words

Revitalizing your yard with fresh, green sod is a worthwhile investment that enhances your home's curb appeal. A sod calculator makes this process straightforward and takes the guesswork out of estimating the amount of sod you need.

Remember, though, that successful sod installation doesn't stop with the calculator - proper grading, sufficient irrigation, and meticulous preparation are all critical factors in ensuring your new lawn thrives. So, before you set out to transform your yard, take the time to consider all aspects of the process. Your lush, vibrant lawn will be worth the effort.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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How accurate are your calculations?
While we strive for accuracy, we do acknowledge that like any estimate, our calculations may not be flawless. We'll continue to fine tune our model as we get more data points and feedback from you!
Why are the prices given in pallets instead of square feet?
Selling sod by the pallet rather than square footage is primarily a logistical choice. Sod is typically harvested, shipped, and installed in pallets. This method is efficient because a standard-sized pallet is easier to handle, transport, and sell making it one of the preferred sod solutions in the industry.
How do you get your data?
We sourced our data by analyzing the prices and offerings of hundreds of different companies, then choosing the averages of their standard upper and lower bounds for each type of sod. We then used this data to create a model that would allow us to calculate the price of sod based on the square footage of the area to be covered.
How many pallets of sod do I need?
Typically sod is quotes by the pallet. Sometimes companies say that you can cover 450 square feet with a pallet, and others say up to 504 square feet per pallet. Ultimately it will depend on your yard size and the company you work with.