Calculate the Square Footage
for Your Yard

Optimize your lawn care with our "lawn measurement calculator." Quickly gauge the square footage of your yard to efficiently manage watering, fertilization, and mowing times.

How to Measure Lawn Area for Sod

Start by entering you address, and the map will zoom into your location.

From there you can select the points in your yard that outline the area you want to sod. The calculator will then calculate the area of your lawn in square feet and acres.

To get the most accurate measurement, make sure you don't include your house, driveway, or any other non-lawn areas.

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How Does It Work?

Our lawn measurement calculator simplifies the entire process of measuring your yard, allowing you to calculate lawn size in square feet or in acres without breaking a sweat. It offers a remarkably simple and straightforward solution to 'measure my lawn' conundrums. It's like having your very own yard measurement tool!

1. Estimate the Size of Your Yard

Whether you want to measure the front yard or the back yard, our lawn size calculator is there for you. It's a highly versatile tool, perfect for all kinds of lawn size calculations. Answering "how big is my lawn?" for both front yard and back yard has never been easier. You'll have the exact lawn measurements at your fingertips, ready for any landscaping project or maintenance task.

2. Choose the Best Type of Grass

Once you have the size of your yard calculated, you can choose the best type of grass for your lawn. The calculator can assist you in selecting the most suitable grass variety based on your yard's dimensions and local climate conditions.

3. Calculate the Cost of Lawn Sod By Sq Ft

With the dimensions of your yard and the type of grass selected, you can now calculate the cost of lawn sod per square foot. Our lawn calculator provides an efficient, hassle-free way to estimate the cost, ensuring you stay within budget for your sodding project.

4. Get Quotes from the Best Companies

After calculating the cost, you can use the tool to get quotes from the best sod companies in your area. This feature allows you to compare prices and services, ensuring you get the best deal for your sodding project.

Plan Your Sodding Project Like a Pro

Our lawn measurement calculator is a must-have tool for anyone serious about maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn. It's a one-stop solution to calculate lawn size, answer the question "how big is my yard?" and to have an efficient yard measurement tool. It's time to say goodbye to guesswork and embrace precision in lawn care with our advanced lawn square footage calculator. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Why are the prices given in pallets instead of square feet?

Selling sod by the pallet rather than square footage is primarily a logistical choice. Sod is typically harvested, shipped, and installed in pallets. This method is efficient because a standard-sized pallet is easier to handle, transport, and sell making it one of the preferred sod solutions in the industry.

How many pallets of sod do I need?

Typically sod is quotes by the pallet. Sometimes companies say that you can cover 450 square feet with a pallet, and others say up to 504 square feet per pallet. Ultimately it will depend on your yard size and the company you work with.

How many sq ft are in a pallet of sod?

This honestly depends on the company or farm you get the sod from, but the most common is 500 square feet. We've also seen 400 square feet, 450 square feet and even 504 square feet.

How do I figure out square footage of a yard?

Simply type in your address, and our tool will show your property. Click to mark the corners of your lawn area, avoiding the house and driveway, and we'll tally up the square footage for you. Easy peasy!