Intro to Sod Grass in the Atlanta Area

The climate in Atlanta, GA is humid subtropical, which means hot and humid summers with mild winters and abundant precipitation year round. The high levels of humidity and warm temperatures make it ideal for warm season grasses, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine.

These grasses thrive during hot summer days, and have some cold tolerance in winter months. On the other hand, cool season grasses, such as Fescue and Rye, may struggle in Atlanta's climate with its consistently hot temperatures and high levels of humidity.

Let's take a look at some costs for different lawn sizes.

Atlanta Sod Cost Chart

Listed below are average price ranges for various yard sizes and sod types

BermudaZoysiaSt. AugustineBuffalo
500 sq ft$175 - $325$275 - $450$250 - $450$275 - $400
1000 sq ft$350 - $650$550 - $900$500 - $900$550 - $800
1500 sq ft$525 - $975$825 - $1350$750 - $1350$825 - $1200
2000 sq ft$700 - $1300$1100 - $1800$1000 - $1800$1100 - $1600
2500 sq ft$875 - $1625$1375 - $2250$1250 - $2250$1375 - $2000
3000 sq ft$1050 - $1950$1650 - $2700$1500 - $2700$1650 - $2400

*Keep in mind these sod prices only include the sod itself - not delivery fees, sod installation, and other lawn care services.

Timing it just right

The Best Time to Lay Sod in Atlanta

As you can see in our handy chart below, july is generally a great time to lay sod in Atlanta.

Because the daytime temperature averages between 70° and 88° degrees fahrenheit, the sod will be able to take root and grow quickly.

Average high in july


Average low in july


july is a

good time

to lay sod in Atlanta, GA

Click/scroll on the months above to see average temperatures and how that affects the best time to lay sod.

The Best Types of Sod for Your Area

Because of the climate in Atlanta, Georgia, the best sods to grow are warm-season grasses. Below is a list of these grasses and their ballpark prices:

Price Considerations

DIY vs Hiring a Sod Installation Company

When it comes to sodding your new lawn in Atlanta, Georgia, there are two options to consider:

Hiring a Landscaping Company

Opting for a professional landscaping service offers an all-inclusive, effortless experience. Their expert teams handle all aspects, from acquiring top-notch sod to ground preparation, ensuring the delivery of sod to your location, and executing the turf installation.

Cost: This option is ideal if you prefer a full-service, hassle-free approach. The cost encompasses not only the sod but also skilled labor, project coordination, and typically, a guarantee of service. Prices start at around $300 per pallet for the sod, with installation costs often doubling that amount.

Sod Procurement options in Atlanta, Georgia: Landscaping Company vs. Sod Farm

DIY: Purchasing from Sod Farms or Brokers

Looking to cut costs? Consider sod farms as your go-to choice. Opting for this do-it-yourself method can be challenging, yet it offers considerable savings for homeowners.

Cost: By purchasing directly from sod farms, especially those near Atlanta, you can find prices as low as $200 per pallet when buying in bulk. However, be prepared to handle the pickup of the sod yourself.

DIY: The flip side of this cost-effective option is the hands-on work required for self-installation. Bear in mind that many sod farms require a minimum order, usually several pallets, which typically cover a space of over 1000 square feet.

Poor Online Support: Expect a no-frills online experience when dealing with most sod farms. Their websites are often rudimentary, so getting information about availability and prices might require a direct phone call or initiating an email inquiry.

How much will it cost me?
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What else?

Other Factors that Affect Sod Cost in Atlanta

Sod Supplier & Delivery Distance

Atlanta has a population of roughly 490,270, which can be a double-edged sword when it comes to landscaping pricing. This means that sod companies in Atlanta may charge more to cover the cost of living in a larger city. But at the same time you will have more options to choose from, so make sure to get multiple quotes. Prices can vary wildly!

Preparation Work

The following factors can make a huge difference in the cost and either save you or cost you big time:

  • Regrading: Need to flatten your yard? This can vary pricing wise but expect to pay roughly $0.55 per square foot extra on average.
  • Soil needs: If it's new construction or you have poor soil, you may need to add topsoil. Expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $0.25 per square foot for this.
  • Removal of existing sod: If you have existing grass that needs to go, this can cost an additional $0.45 per square foot.
  • Removal of other debris: Let's just say you have lot's of pebbles and rocks in your soil. It's going to cost extra to remove those.

Installation Labor Costs

The next thing to consider pricing wise is the cost of labor. Here are some of the factors that can influence labor costs:
  • Ease of access to your yard: Is it in a back yard that's hard to access? Up on a hill that laborers have to walk up? This will add to your cost.
  • Random objects: Best case scenario: it's wide open grass. If there are lots of trees, irrigation systems, or other objects this can add to labor cost.
  • Time of year: Since it's a seasonal business, and there's less demand for sod in Atlanta in the winter, you can sometimes get deals in the off-season.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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When is a good time to lay sod in Atlanta?

The ideal time to lay sod in Atlanta is during spring or early fall when temperatures are moderate, ensuring better root establishment.

What is the best sod for Atlanta, Georgia?

In Atlanta, Bermuda and Zoysia grasses thrive, thanks to their tolerance for heat and ability to withstand mild winters.

What is the cost for a pallet of sod in Atlanta?

A pallet of sod in Atlanta typically ranges between $200 to $500, varying with the type of grass and the supplier.

How much is 200 square feet of sod in Atlanta?

For 200 square feet of sod in Atlanta, expect to pay around $40 to $80, depending on the grass type and quality.

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